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COVID-19 Information

Jan 10, 2022
As Covid continues to evolve we are aiming to keep abreast of risks for all. We have contacts our medical advisors and requested information. We continue to follow the current PHO and guidelines issued by Swim BC and viaSport.
Our current best practise, as informed by our medical advisors, is outlined below:

  1. Please inform us if you/your son/daughter show symptoms or test positive for Covid 19. While it is your private information, a positive cluster at the pool could cause many other children not be out of the water for some time.
  2. If a swimmer has tested positive or shows signs of covid like symptoms inform your son/daughter’s coach. Your son/daughter is to isolate for five days an be symptom free before returning to the pool. Please check with your son/daughter’s coach before returning to pool.
  3. If a swimmer has been exposed (in enclosed space such as room, car etc, with infected person unmasked for more than 15minutes), but has not tested positive, inform coach, self isolate for five days to check for symptoms. If symptoms do arise follow above (1.) If no symptoms arise, inform your son/daughter’s coach before returning to the pool. You/your son/daughter may be asked to follow protocol below.
  4. If a swimmer has been exposed but in an open area and was masked, and not showing any symptoms inform your your son/daughter’s coach. When possible, you/your son/daughter’s coach will direct you to arrive at the pool masked, come on deck after the other participants have gotten in the water. Remove your mask only at water’s edge. Where possible the athlete will be given his or her own lane, or will share it, if agreeable, with any other Covid exposed athletes. This lane assignment will be at the coaches discretion. Close to the this/these athletes will be directed to leave ahead of the other athletes and don masks as soon as they depart the water.
  5. As in #4 if NO lane is available for isolation during that session your son/daughter will be unable to participate during that session.

Further to the above:
It is highly recommended that all athletes travel to and from the pool with masks on, even in personal vehicles, if there are more than one person in the car. Traveling were possible with one front and one rear window open will further enhance safety due to increased air flow of fresh air in the car.

Dec 22, 2021 Update
Pacific Coast Swimming is currently operating normally while following the current PHO guidelines for youth sport. There are some changes to the schedule Dec 27- Jan 02. Those will come directly from the club or from your son/daughter’s coach. 

Currently all gyms are closed. This affects our high school and varsity athletes because the strength program is currently on pause. Strength training will resume once gyms are available. 

Any further interruptions or changes to our training schedule will be announced at each level as well as on the website.

SCP Spectators Nov 17 Update
No more than 25 adults in the upstairs hallway and round tables. If there are more than 25 adults, please do not stay in that area. The bleachers upstairs in the pool area is still closed until further notice. 

Xmas Cracker Update Nov 17
We are working hard to accommodate as many swimmers as possible in a safe manner. Please understand the situation is fluid although we feel we are close to finalizing the details. Last night we were told we could accept 100 more swimmers, so we are working to communicate with the next clubs in line and ensure we are not over capacity. 

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