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Sydney Meldrum

LFSS Coach

Hi, I am Sydney, a Lightning Fast swimmer coach and, a former competitive swimmer for Pacific Coast Swimming Club and started swimming with the Lighting Fast Program. I have competed for ten years all the way up to the B National Group. I am going into my second year at the University of Victoria with a plan of a degree in Sociology and then planning to attend Law School in Canada to practice Human Rights Laws.

I am a NCCP Level 1 certified coach, and have worked with swimmers from ages 3-10. I am heading into my second year of coaching Lighting Fast Levels 1 - 4 this year at many different pools across the Greater Victoria Area. My favorite part about coaching Lighting Fast is watching swimmers develop their skills, and the pride they show when they progress through the program.

I am excited for the new season, if you see me on deck please feel free to say hi!