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2018 SwimBC Senior Circuit 1 Meet Job Signup

Welcome to the Swim Meet Job Sign-up page for the 2018 SwimBC Senior Circuit 1 Meet!

If you are new to swim meets:

  • Click on the position name to find out more about that job and if any special training is required;
  • Only sign up for positions you are properly trained and qualified to do;
  • Click on the session number to find dates and times for each session; and,
  • You may sign-up for jobs in as many different sessions as you like.

This meet has 1 session taking place over 1 day of competition, plus a half session for pre-meet setup and a half session for post-meet cleanup. The set-up usually occurs Friday evening. Session 1 is timed finals on Saturday. The clean up takes place Saturday evening after racing is finished.

When you are ready to sign-up for a job, click on the Sign-up link for the session and job you want to do and complete the form. Please remember to hit Save Registration when you are done. If you get an error when you try to submit your registration, please click on this link and try again.

You may sign-up additional family members or friends to work with you in a session, but please fill out separate registrations for each person (1 person per registration). This way the system will know when we have enough people registered for a particular job.

You may review what you have signed up for on the volunteer summaries page. However, please note that although we try to accommodate every request, this is not always possible. The final assignment to volunteer positions is at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator and the official lists of volunteer assignments will be emailed out before the meet and posted at the pool during the meet.

Thank you for signing up. We appreciate your contribution. Without your help we couldn't host these fantastic meets for our swimmers!

Pre-Meet Setup (Half Session)
Position Number of People Signed Up Totals Slots Available Job Registration
Booth and Electronics Setup 1 Unlimited Sign-up Closed
Booth and Electronics Cleanup 0 Unlimited Sign-up Closed
Pool Deck Setup and Decoration 0 Unlimited Sign-up Closed
Pool Deck Cleanup 0 Unlimited Sign-up Closed
Session 1
Position Number of People Signed Up Totals Slots Available Job Registration
Timer 13 16 Sign-up Closed
Hospitality 3 4 Sign-up Closed
Stroke and Turn 7 10 Sign-up Closed
Chief Timer 0 1 Sign-up Closed
Clerk-of-Course 2 2 Sign-up Closed
Referee 1 1 Sign-up Closed
Starter 0 1 Sign-up Closed
Chief Finish 0 1 Sign-up Closed
Timing Booth Recorder (Hytek) 1 1 Sign-up Closed
Timing Booth Computer (Ares) 1 2 Sign-up Closed
Meet Manager 1 1 Sign-up Closed
Please Put Me Where Needed 1 Unlimited Sign-up Closed