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Amy Cooper

LFSS Coach

Amy is a senior at Mount Douglas Secondary School and a Lighting Fast coach at UVic and Gordon Head. While she now lives in B.C., she is originally from the state of North Carolina and is studying through the Victoria International Education program. 

This is her first year with PCS, but she’s been swimming competitively since she was five and coaching since she was eleven. She swam with her team in NC—Sandhills Sandsharks Swimming & Aquatics—for twelve full years, and has competed in everything from summer league to Championships to Open Water swim meets. She swam for both of her high school teams, including setting a 500 freestyle record her sophomore year. While with the Sandsharks, she was the lead swim instructor for three years and a head summer league coach for two, and has coached nearly every age, level, and ability of swimmer.

This is her first year swimming and coaching with PCS. She currently coaches Levels 1 and 2 at UVic and Gordon Head, as well as two school swim teams.

Amy is a firm believer that swimming is for everyone, and works hard to make sure the pool deck is a safe, supportive environment that encourages learning without fear of failure. Due to her background in North Carolina, she’s passionate about awareness and accessibility to the sport, and believes everyone deserves to learn to swim. She loves both coaching and swimming, and hopes to become more involved after high school!