Provincial AAA Champions FIVE times in a Row!
Congratulations to all the swimmers and coaches!

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Swimmers celebrate final event of 2016 with strong performances

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Cracker Day Records Fall

The first day of Xmas Cracker 14 saw records fall. Congratulations to Eric Hedlin for cracking Dave Creel's 1500m Senior Club Record in 15:09.25 erasing the previous mark of 15:11.0. Eric was followed closely by teammates Jon Mckay and Richard Weinberger

The 13-14 boys 200M.R. team was also in record form setting new club and VIR records in 1:53.50. Well done Tom Chapman, Michael Schmidt and Anthony Gutierrez.



Recycling An Old Xmas Cracker Message!

The PCS Xmas Cracker is just 1 day away. For your browsing enjoyment we've recycled a little Xmas Cracker Carol.
(Please sing to the tune of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town")

You better swim fast,
You better streamline,
Better flip turn,
I'm telling you why,
Christmas Cracker's coming to town.

We're making up heats,
And checking them twice,
We're gonna find out,
Who's got the best times,
Christmas Cracker's coming to town.


PCS Annual Celebration of Excellence.

Thank you again to Yuk Yuk’s comedienne and Vikes/PCS Alumnus Katie-Ellen Humphries for a funny and inspiring sketch on 'Swimming Life'. A well deserved congratulations to all those who received awards. But we must emphasize that the real reward for all of the hard work and persistence that goes into a PCS season is the pride in undertaking something that few can do. The character shown every year by our over 800 swimmers is a inspiration and the value in just being a great teammate is our tradition and our mark of excellence.


First FAST Elementary School Swim Meet of the Season!

The first school swim meet of the 2016-17 season happened this weekend at SCP. It was a successful day with many great splashes and smiles. We are happy to report our two youngest swimmers, both kindergarten age, had a great timeand swam in all events. We saw teammates cheering each other on and helping each other out whether they were new to swimming at a swim meet or seasoned veterans.

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Hedlin, Hanus cap off successful Canada West Championships with silver medals

Two medals for the Vikes on Day 2 of Canada West Swimming Championships

Hedlin's gold highlights strong Day 1 for Vikes at Canada West Championships

Officials Clinics

Ever wonder what those people dressed in white, scattered around the pool during swim meets, actually do?  Whistles are blowing, people are staring intently at the water, notes are being scribbled on pieces of paper, and there are lots of people pushing buttons...and magically...a swim meet happens!

The officials are a key part of organizing and running a swim meet, and we need quite a few of them in order to host a large meet like Xmas Cracker.


Nanaimo Fall Invitational 2016

The Nanaimo Fall Invitational was considered very successful by the PCS coaches. All of the PCS swimmers put on some great performances in Nanaimo showcasing some of their newfound abilities in turning and under water dolphin kick, with the total group having a really high Best Time percentage. Congratulations to those who went 100% Best Times!



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