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Grace Macdonald

Development Group Coach


My name is Grace Macdonald. I'm a former swimmer for Pacific Coast Swimming and have been coaching with the club since 2014. I started out in Lightning Fast and worked my way through the club over my years of swimming with the club. I'm currently the head development coach for the club, as well as coaching a provincial group. 

I love being on the pool deck coaching and working with the club. I'm very passionate about sharing knowledge with swimmers and other coaches, and always excited to learn from my coworkers, share my experiences and grow as a coach. I loves bringing energy and finding encouraging ways to motivate and teach athletes. In addition to coaching, I manage the social media platforms, website and club events. I am currently studying at the University of Victoria and planning to continue coaching after I finish my degree. 

You'll probably hear me before you see me, but if you ever spot me around the pool feel free to say hello and introduce yourself.

Can be reached via email (