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Pacific Coast Swimmers and Parents Association

2020-2021 Board of Directors:

President Doreen Meldrum
Vice President Willow Rupert
Treasurer Vacant
Secretary Miranda Benn
Director of Technology Erik van Maren
Club Officials Director Scarlet Yum
Volunteer Coordinator Tracy Poulin
Swimmer's Representative Vacant
Members at Large Janelle Hunt
John Hicks
Sally Gilbert
Kristina Bouris(Communications)
Kim Mazzulli


Pacific Coast Swimmers and Parents Association has a constitution and bylaws.  As well we have a personal information and privacy policy.

The PCSPA board meets approximately once per month.  However, the actual dates, times and locations can vary so please check the list of Upcoming Events of the website for the most current meeting information.  All PCSPA members are welcome and encouraged to attend the board meetings.  Standing rules for how the board meetings are conducted are available.

New to swimming and our club? We have created a PCS Parents Handbook to cover the basics about being a swim family.