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2009 Midsummer Madness

What can we say about the small but mighty Midsummer Madness Meet... fifty-nine swimmers raced, had fun, and especially enjoyed the water in the summer heat; coaches and officials enjoyed being splashed for the same reason! Event winners received special Midsummer Madness Mugs... FINA high-point swimmers of the meet received Midsummer Madness Mugs filled with jelly beans... two randomly-drawn officials also won Midsummer Madness Mugs filled with jelly beans, and, because one day it will again be cool weather requiring hot drinks, coffee cards... it was the Madness!!

UVPCS swimmers participating included Kennedy Aragon-Scriven, Finn Barker, Cole Barratt, Savannah Barratt, Nival Bissoon, Salin Bol, Sophia Borchers, Ciaran Breen, Emma Carter, Hanna Carter, Eric Christiansen, Lauren Crisp, Emily Ding, Caileigh Filmer, Justin Howe, Nathan Howe, Ryan Howe, Nazif Khedri, Alexandra Keirstead, Nazariy Kravchenko, Eeh-Joe Kwon, Lia Lancaster, Anna Letkeman, Evan Letkeman, Edward Liang, Rebecca MacKenzie, Ian Mattock, Remy Mock, Victoria Mock, Rosie Moulton, Kristopher Neilson, Rachael Newman, Nicholas Nolt, Julia Schmidt, Michael Schmidt, Stefanie Schmidt, Jovan Sihota, Ariyan Suleman, Luella Sun, Riley Tesch, Aidan Thirkell, Grace Thomas, Jayme Weimer, Katelyn Woo, Leanna Woo, Melanie Yu and Tabitha Zammit... with coaches Rich Cole, Meghan Griffiths, Mark Lancaster and Rod Barratt.

Aidan Thirkell set a new 13-14 UVPCS record in 50 Breast (we think it is also a Vancouver Island Region short course record, but this needs to be verified).

Several swimmers met new qualifying standards at the Madness, and congratulations to:
Eric Christiansen (14) - AAA
Nazariy Kravchenko (14) - AA
Eeh-Joe Kwon (12) - AA
Anna Letkeman (11) - A
Kristopher Neilson (10 & under) - VIR AA

Congratulations, all and thanks to everybody who helped make this end-of-season closer a lot of fun! Full details are available, as always, on our results page.