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2019 LC Vancouver Island Regionals - Day 1

Friday at VIR’s started off with a bang, PCS placing first with 2177 points, ahead of Island Swimming at 1497.5 and Comox Valley Aquatic Club at 937.5 points.

In the morning, some notable swims where Naeva Scott Bouris dropping 23 seconds off her 200FL to 2:33.88, and Nolan Crisp breaking his own VIR record in the 50BK at 31.07. 10&U swam timed finals for their 50BK and 200IM. Boys 50BK saw Noah Hicks coming in 2nd, while Ethan Woo swam into 2nd on his 200IM.

The morning also saw some of the distance events swim, with the fastest heats of 800FR Boys and 1500FR Girls swimming in finals. Girls 800FR saw Lucy Hallett taking off over a minute to come first in a 10:49.41, Sidney Boone dropping over a minute and a half to come 2nd in 10:49.45, and Imogen Hawes with 46 seconds off for 3rd in a 11:08.35. In 13-14 Tahlia Reid took off 29 seconds to go 11:01.76 and land herself in the top 8. 1st place in the 15&O Girls was Naeva Scott Bouris, while 2nd went to Jane Maycock. For the Boys, Jasper Joost Van Maren came in first for 13-14.

1500FR began with Kate Marcovitz coming first in 11-12 Girls followed by Lucy Hallett in her second distance event of the day coming 3rd. Teagan Hunt came in 1st for the 15&O Girls. The Boys saw PCS Sweep first place, with Alonso Gutierrez coming 1st in 11-12, Luke Poulin in 13-14, and Jordan Cowan in 15&O.

The finals started off with the 4x50FR relay, which saw PCS winning 5 of the 8 age groups, 4 in a row from 11-12 Girls to 10&U Boys. 100BR was the first finals event of the night, starting off with the 10&U event, where Ethan Woo came 1st with Cooper Hunt coming in 3rd. In the 11&O PCS had two ties for first place, Mariana Ponce de Leon in the 13-14 Girls, and Kali Lancaster in the 15&O Girls. Also in the 100BR we had an outside win by Arran Robertson, coming from Lane 1 to win the Boys 15&O.

The evening continued with the FL events, 10&U swimming the 100FL and 11&O swimming 200FL. The 100FL saw Noah Hicks coming 3rd for the Boys. In the 200FL the 11-12 Girls swept the podium, with Maya Stevens in 1st, Imogen Hawes in 2nd, and Sidney Boone in 3rd. Naeva Scott Bouris took a further 7 seconds off from her morning time to go a 2:26.20, closing in on the national standard. Grace Macdonald finished the Girls 200FL off strong, taking of 2.5 seconds from the morning and securing 2nd place. On the boys side Jasper Joost Van Maren took first in the 13-14 Boys, with 4 seconds off from the morning to go 2:33.46.

50BK saw the girls swim well, with Emma Atwell taking 2nd in 13-14 Girls and Lily Chen taking 3rd in 15&O. Nolan Crisp held his morning position, taking 1st in the Boys 11-12.

200IM had another sweep of first place girls, with Bridget Rupert, Naeva Scott Bouris, and Grace Macdonald taking 1st in their age groups, and Kali Lancaster taking 2nd in the 15&O. Boys saw Nolan Crisp take 1st in the 11-12, with Alonso Gutierrez taking 2nd. 13-14 Boys had Griffin Arnatt in 2nd, and Arran Robertson in 1st.

The night finished with the 50FR. On the girls side we had Bridget Rupert taking 1st and Kate Marcovitz in 3rd for the 11-12. 13-14 had Mariana Ponce de Leon in 2nd and Emma Atwell in 3rd. 15&O saw Lily Chen in 2nd and Grace Macdonald in 3rd. Boys had Alonso Gutierrez in 1st as an 11-12, Nathan Chow at 3rd 13-14, and Jordan Cowan in 3rd 15&O.