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57th Mel Zajac International Highlights

This past weekend 9 of our Senior group swimmers competed at UBC Aquatic Centre at Mel Zajac's 57th International swim meet. There was over 700 athletes competing from Canada and the US!

Friday started off with 100m breaststroke for UVPCS where we had Arran Roberston qualify in the A-final. Just over his best in the morning, Robertson placed 7th in finals with a persona best of 1:05.9. Later that evening, we had Mattia Nardi in 400m IM who qualified for finals and moved up to finish 8th in the C-final. In prelims, Atanas Tchaouchev went a personal best in his 50m butterfly by .02. 

Saturday prelims Roberston went a personal best in his 200m IM, along with Mattia obtaining a 2 second best time in his 200m breaststroke. Robertson was in another final for 200m breaststroke placing 4th in the B-final and shaving off a second from his morning swim.

On Sunday our swimmers came together and lifted each other up to finish the comeptition with more personal bests and 4 finals swims. Bryce Baker snuck into the C-final just over his best, and moved up to 6th in the C-final at finals. Next up was 50m breaststroke where Atanas placed 4th in the C-final, shaving off some time from this morning and moving up 3 places in finals. Roberston placed 9th in the A-final a few tenths over his best. To finish off the meet, Mattia managed to sneak into the B-final and place 9th. This was Mattia's last competition with UVPCS before moving back home to Germany. We will miss him!