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BC Summer Games Roster

This year's BC Summer Games Swim athletes have been selected, with 14 of the 20 athletes selected swimming for Pacific Coast Swimming. Congratulations to all the athletes selected!

 Each stroke category selects 4 athletes to represent Swim BC. The 2022 BC summer games will take place at the Prince George Aquatic Centre in July. The BC coaches attending are Richard Milln from Campbell River Killer Whales and Haley Bennett from Ravensong Aquatic Club. Be sure to stay tuned to hear from our very excited athletes next month!

Butterfly Swimmers: 

  1. Mila Chernenkoff
  2. Noah Hicks
  3. Sawyer Nobozniak

Backstroke Swimmers:

  1. Isabelle Wu
  2. Rubin Lee
  3. Karen Pan

Breaststroke Swimmers: 

  1. Tracy Zhao
  2. Maelle Sanborn
  3. Ethan Woo
  4. Makaio McKnight

Freestyle Swimmers: 

  1. Elizabeth Saska
  2. Alex Camaraire

Individual Medley Swimmers: 

  1. Avery Neal
  2. Nore Dietsch
  3. Kevin Yin