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Coach Ron Jacks Talks About USA Open Water Nationals

Ron Jacks took some time out of his schedule in California to send us his thoughts regarding the weekend's Open Water races at USA Open Water Nationals.

Regarding the Men's 10km Race:  Richard Weinberger was very solid in the 10k, positioning well throughout the race. He had a very good result! He will definitely be better when he is completely healthy going into Worlds. Eric Hedlin was feeling the cool water combined with the strong wind chill and was not able to be at his best.

In the 5km race Eric was much better.  He moved himself from one objective to the next successfully. He put himself within grasp of winning or a top 3 position.

Chris Deegan was outstanding in the 5k, having barely qualifying for the event and coming up 11th, top Australian entry and 2nd Canadian (he has dual citizenship). He pursued a great race plan and used it to his advantage.

Stephanie Horner in the women's 10k swam a very good 7.5 k and positioned well, then tied up a bit the last 2k. Her 5k was very solid, finishing a credible 12th place in the best field of American Italian, and British swimmers.