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COVID-19 Update - November 2020

COVID-19 Update - November 2020

What an amazing summer it was! Everyone was able to get outside, we introduced many new activities and attendance was very high. As we enter into the darker, cooler, damper days of our not-so-bad Victoria winter, we have added a lot of pool time. We have been very fortunate to have top level support from UVic and SCP. They have made concessions in many areas to get our athletes in and create a relatively normal feel to training, albeit with much reduced hours and lane densities.

We have been able to return to some level of competition, although we are only now looking forward to creating our first sanctioned time trial formatted competitions this month. The athletes have been without the ‘competitive’ side of competitive swimming for quite a while. Their return to the excitement of competition has been meaningful and for the most part, despite many months away from full training, they haven’t lost their fitness level. It is a wonderful thing to see how well they have adapted and carried on. 

We are now looking forward to some club events such as a virtual Awards night (currently scheduled for December 2nd) and some small, but sanctioned, competitions near the end of November and into December.

Esquimalt Recreation Centre was the first pool in which we could return to the Lightning Fast Swim School lessons. There are still spaces available at some times! Consult the website at the link HERE for all spots available. 

Oak Bay Recreation Centre has been a leader in the community in providing a safe return to good numbers of spaces. We will be able to open our Sunday Lightning Fast Swim Series Program there beginning January 3rd, 2021.


If you have any questions, please do reach out to our staff.


Stay safe and support each other!


- The PCS Crew