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Covid Update

Covid Update September 2020


What an interesting year it has been. We are all settling into more ‘new schedules’, guidelines and opportunities.

At the pool we are back in the water and looking at smiling kids getting fit, having fun and gaining experience in adaptation. 

Of course it hasn’t been all good, but we are very lucky to have the opportunities we do at the pools. UVic has been tremendous in giving us extra space and time in spite of the cost and barriers that have had to be overcome.  SCP has been good at keeping us safe and getting us back in the water.

We will look forward to getting back to some type of competition sometime soon. Some of the world’s hardest hit regions such as Italy and Germany have been able to host some modified competition so it will happen here too.

In the mean time we have tried hard to set up schedules to accommodate as many of the PCS family as possible between SCP and UVic. SCP is still operating at one swimmer per lane which has moved many of our athletes to UVic. SCP is set to expand its per lane capacity soon. That will change our schedules as we retool to accommodate more athletes more frequently. 

The area pools are still not fully open so the larger development programs of Lightning Fast and the school F.,A.S.T. programs are not yet functioning. We look forward to getting those going later in the year as it becomes possible. 

The PCS athletes have been very good at showing up on time, ready to go, keeping their distance and working hard. We will be ready to compete when the time comes! In the mean time we are working hard at improving skills and having fun, while pushing each other. 

The coaches are very happy to be back on deck and working with the swimmers. 

If you have any questions please do direct them to our staff.

The PCS Crew