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Covid Update Jan 2021

Members and future members! 

Covid 19 continues to create a liquid set of circumstances for all of us. We feel very fortunate that we have such a great group as members and that we have been able to continue to swim throughout much of the pandemic. You may not be aware but much of the rest of the Canadian Swim Community is faced with pool closures or heavier restrictions. Many have been out of the water for months.

As of January 04 we were back in at Oak Bay Rec with 50 athletes and our membership is up from 150 in Dec to over 290! Also, Juan de Fuca will be opening for us Feb 01, and we are excited to have a good response from the western communities in terms of the advance registration. 

Sanctioned competition remains a ways off yet but we will have a virtual Vancouver Island Championships likely in Mid February; likely, because it was planned for late January but has been delayed.

The provincial championships have also been scheduled to occur virtually and have also been delayed until mid March.

Currently all groups are functioning well at near capacity given the limitations on lane space and pool hours. The PCS families have adapted very well to the changes in pool, school and work environments and schedules! 

We really appreciate how challenging it has been and all of your abilities to adapt and keep at it. Well done all!

The PCS Crew