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Cracker 15 in the Santa Sack!

Xmas Cracker 2017 in the Santa Sack

Cracker 15 in the sack!

Cracker 15 is in the Santa Sack and if you wanted presents for Xmas this years Cracker didn’t fail to provide. It was a smooth, enjoyable, magical experience thanks to all of the amazing volunteers who provided the endless hours of effort that went into the event. Just shy of 700 athletes sprang into action on Friday and so many new levels were achieved. Surely there were a ton of club records being shattered in the 20 clubs attending. UVPCS certainly added new marks.


15-17 Boys were first to mess with the record books taking down the 200M.R. on Friday Rambo, Schmidt, Ogilvie and Gutierrez took two seconds off the old mark going 1:48.06. Sophie Tarrant crushed the 15-17 Rec in 50 breast at 32.78, ripping over a second off Kierstead’s 2012 effort. She went on over the weekend to establish new 15-17 marks in 100(1:09.60) and 200 Breaststroke (2:30.78). Bill Dongfang scratched his name into the record books for the first time cracking the 1:10 mark(1:09.38) in 100Fly (11-12 boys) replacing Keir Ogilvie. Michael Schmidt was on form in 50 Br taking down the 15-17 Clu and VIR marks at 29.6. The 15-17 Boys were at it again in 200F.R. sliding on by the old mark of 1:40.7 as Ogilvie, Schmidt, Rambo, Gutierrez swam to 1:40.1 as starting sniffing at the Provincial mark. 


The women were not left out of the books on the relays either. Tarrant, Allison Ballantyne, Tabbitha Craig and Jessica Luo all crushed PB’s on the final night to take out the Senior Club record in 200F.R. at 1:46. This will be Tabbitha’s first time on the Senior Record board. Congratulations to all.


Thanks again to Jeff Stevens for providing a calm guiding hand as Meet Manager and SO much time invested to make the event go. As well to the huge crew that are behind the scenes in the booth, food room, set up and take down as well as social media and our technology experts. The fantastic experience for all of the kids would not be possible without you.


Our Swim of the Day toque went to Jake Rambo on Day One for his 1500 when he unleashed a 3 min drop to 16:28. Day Two went to Naeva Scott-Bouris for her 400Fr (4:38) when she clipped 16 seconds off over the day. And to Sophie Lorette, on Day Three,  for her tough win in the 400IM. She stopped breathing outside the flags and took 6 seconds off her PB to pass Brunoro, of SFA, to take first.


Congratulations to all of the athletes who stepped up their game. 


CIS Q Time: Andrea Farmer - qualifying for USport (CIS) Championships in 200Br

Tier 2 Q Times:

Brenden Chow 400, 800 Fr Taki Hiraoka 200Bf, Maia Denis 50, 200Fr + 100, 200Bf, Sydney Meldrum 50 Fr, Bijou Speirs 50Fr+ 200IM

Tier 1 Q times

Emma Attwell 200IM, 200Bk, 100Bk, Bill Dongfang 400Fr, 100Fr, 100Fly, 200Fly, 400IM Griffin Arnatt 200Br, Misato Hiraoka 50, 100, 200Fr, 100, 200Bk