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More on Weinberger's Olympic Bronze

Richard Weinberger earned Canada it's first Open Water medal today in the Men's 10km at Hyde Park, and for those that weren't awake to see it, it was quite the nailbiter.

Weinberger was with the lead pack the whole way, even finishing the first few laps in first place.  The back 1.5km saw four of the men breaking away from the rest of the field, with Richard in the mix. 

As the winner, Oussama Mellouli, pulled away, the remaining three (including two highly experienced world champions) battled it out for the silver and bronze medals. Weinberger's position varied from second to fourth all the way down the back 1km, but with about 500m left he was able to surge past 2011 World Champion Spyridon Gianniotis and battle the leaders.

All three medalists finished within five seconds of each other after almost two hours of racing.  Weinberger's end time was 1:50.00.3.