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Pacific Coast Swimming Covid 19 Update

March 29, 2021
The club continues to grow and prosper. We now have over 320 athletes in the water over four facilities.

Covid 19 has continued to represent a challenge but we have been able to remain safe and continue to provide programming at all of our levels from Lightning Fast through all of our competitive levels. A big shout out to our staff who have worked hard to maintain safe, sane conditions for all of the children and communication to all of our wonderful parents and volunteers.

Thank you to all for your efforts and support.

There is a note on the Island Health website noting a Covid 19 exposure on March 12 at Commonwealth pool. We have confirmed that this was not in swimming. Both Saanich and Island Health have done their due diligence in checking in with all affected parties. No one is Pacific Coast Swimming or swimming etc. were involved.

If you have any questions please do contact Mark Lancaster, our General Manager through our website.

The PCS Crew.