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Saturday & Sunday at the Summer Sizzler

Saturday at Moses Lake started at 6:30am and finished at 9:30pm for a full day of racing, farmers market, waterparks & a team dinner to finish off the night!

We started off with June in the 400m IM going a best time as our only 400 IM'er! Next up our 12&unders kicked off 100m breaststroke with Oscar (9th) placing 9th & a best time. S. Damian placed second just over his best. Maelle also placed second, just over her best in the event. On the 13&over side, Noah Hicks placed 7th with a best time, and for the girls June placed 7th with a best as well. Next up were our roaring 12&unders where Hicks placed 2nd in the 50m backstroke. On the girl's side, Grace Payette came in 6th. Our 12&under 100m butterflyers toughed out some best times with Oscar coming 2nd in the 9-10 category with a best time and Payette placing 6th on the girls side. In the 11-12 categories, Ewan ross placed 5th with a personal best followed by Sebastian Damian sneaking in 8th. To finish off Saturday we had a great run of 50m freestyles. Sebastian placed 4th just over his best followed by Ewan in 6th with a 2-second best time. Payette finishd top 8 again with a 6th place & second and a half personal improvement. 

After a morning of racing, our swimmers hadn't had enough in the water and we spent a couple of hours at the waterpark before heading to a 45-person club dinner to finish off the day! 

Our 4th and final day in Washington started with 11&over 200m freestyle where Sebastian battled it out for 4th place. Noah Hicks placed 4th, dropping 2 seconds off his best to place 2nd. On the girl's side, Anika Gupta snuck into 8th with just over a 2 second personal best! After the freestyle our 12&under swimmers battled out the 50m butterflys. Oscar Ross, Grace Payette and Esme Sandborn all made their Regional qualifiying time. Way to go 10&unders! For the 11-12's, Ewan Ross took off a tenth of a second, getting closer to his provincial cut and placing 3rd. Our tough 13&over N. Hicks dropped 23 seconds in his 200m butterfly and placed second. Following the butterfly was 100m backststroke. Sebastian placed 4th, and Anika placed 5th with a 4 second time improvement. Next in the 50m breaststroke O. Ross placed 2nd with a personal best in the 10&under category, and Maelle Sanborn came 1st a few seconds over her best. Following Sanborn Eleanore Fairhurst placed 8th with a best time. The 13&over swimmers had 200m breaststroke where June Adler placed 4th with a personal best. To finish off the competition, we had a roaring wave of 100m freestye best times. Sebastian Damian placed 1st in rthe 11-12 category with a personal best of .27. The 13&over athletes finished it off with N. Hicks placing 4th and dropping .4 from his best to finish off the swim meet!

Congratulations to all the ahtletes who competed. A first (outdoor) long course meet for some with some new challenges, best times, qualifiers, and team work! Way to go BOLTS!