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Summer Schedule

Taking 3-7 weeks off can set an athlete back a long way come September 20th when SCP reopens.

Below is a maintenance schedule for August, a reminder on the camps, and a suggested fitness plan for Aug/Sept.

  • Aug 04 & 06 Practise will be W/F Only 5:15-6:45 indoors UVic
  • Aug 09-15 Practise will be M/W/F Only 5:15-6:45 indoors UVic (Mark coaching)

  • Aug 16-20 Practise will be M/W/F Only 5:15-6:45 indoors at UVic (Rod coaching)

  • Aug 23-27 Camp #1 Coach: Mark. Cost $65.00 for swim 9-12 daily payable first day. $100.00 will include climbing and possibly kayaking on the Friday.
  • August 30-September 03 Camp #2 Coach: Rod Swim 9-12 Daily Cost $65.00 or 100.00 with Kayaking/Climbing (Climb M/W/F...paddle T/R - must bring own kayak) Fees payable first day.

    To register for the camps you must let your coach know by email before Aug 02, 2004. Each camp will require a minimum of 5 participants. Kayaking days will be limited to the first 6 registered campers for safety. Participants are responsible for their own transportation arrangements to/from all activities.

    Participants will be notified of any changes/cancellations by August 05, 2004

    In terms of keeping fit outside of the pool go ahead and fill up on all those activities you don`t often get a chance to do... running, kayaking, golf, hiking, lake swimming, biking etc.

    There are always some areas you can work with respect to dryland that may be a weaknesses for you eg. pushups, chinups, skipping etc. So be active and come back in September in the best shape you can.