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UVPCS VIR's Day 1 - Distance

The Pacific Coast Swimming Distance squad traveled to Comox this afternoon to compete in the Vancouver Island Regional Championships. Tonight we had 12 women swimmers do the 800 Free, and 6 boys doing the 1500 Free.

Anastasia Trudel (12) led out the PCS crew coming in 2nd place in the Women’s 11-12 age group with a time of 10:31.50, along with her other teammates Maia Denis 6th with a 11:01.11 dropping 3 seconds, Naeva Scott Bouris 8th with her best time of 11:25.14 dropping 10.85 seconds.

In the Women’s 13-14 800 Free, we had Jemma Stevens come in 1st with a time of 10:00.35… Good job Jemma! Also in the same event, we had Teagan Hunt come in 3rd with a time of 10:12.16, Lily Chen came in 4th in 10:16.26 dropping a whopping 23 seconds, Bijou Speirs come in 5th place in a time of 10:24.45 just missing her AAA time. Well done 13-14 girls!

In the 15 & Over Women’s 800 Free, Anna Letkeman came in 1st place with a time of 9:32.73, and Jane Maycock in 2nd in a time of 9:52.09, Lia Lancaster came 5th, and Mackenzie Mueller in 7th. That’s some speedy swimming by the PCS girls!!!

On the boys side of things, the 1500 Freestyle went very well, one of the highlights of the night was Griffin Arnatt fighting his way all the way to push himself to a bronze medal and the fastest 11 year old in the 1500!

The 14 & Under boys were Keir placing 1st in a time of 17:39.21. Followed by Aleksandor Frketic in 2nd at 18:06.78 dropping a nice 14 seconds off his best time. Taiki came 5th dropping 18 seconds for a time of 19:29.71.  

The 15 & Over boys also had quite the night, with Justin Howe taking 1st place with a  time of 16:31.52, and his UVic teammate Jake Beyak in 2nd place with a time of 16:34.80, just behind Justin.

UVPCS sits second in the team scores with 276 points trailing the hometown Comox Sharks who had a lot of young swimmers in the distance events tonight.

UVPCS hopes to move into the lead position at the meet tomorrow.

Events continue throughout the weekend with Heats starting at 9 a.m. and finals starting at 5 p.m.