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VIR Summary Day Two

Saturday June 07

Day two was no less exciting. Our 10 and U crew have had a huge up tick in numbers and performance this season and it certainly showed. As well the 11-12 girls and 13-14 girls and boys were very strong. While our 15 and O are getting themselves ready for Provincial and National champioships this summer they were strong across the board.

10 and U 4x50 Medley Relay

Girls A 1st 2:48 (J Stevens, M Bunting, T Hunt, K Lancaster)

Girls B 4th 3:04 (S Borissov, S Meldrum, A Trudel, T Aragon Scriven)


Girls 11 and O 400IM 

S Lorette(11) 3rd 6:02

H Edwards(11) 6:02

M Gowans (14) 1st 5:12

L Crisp(14) 3rd 5:19

S Tarrant(13) 5th 5:30

A Pasemko(14) 7th 5:43

V Von Sakken Nash(14) 8th 5:55


Boys 11 and O 400IM

M Schmidt(11) 2nd 5:49

D Kormendy(10) 3rd 5:57 in a New VIR and Club Record

K Ogilvie(11) 6th 6:16

J Howe(16) 4th 5:07


Girls 10 and U 100Fr

T Hunt 4th 1:20

J Stevens 5th 1:21

K Lancaster 6th 1:23


Girls 10 and u 100Bk

J Stevens 5th 1:35

S Borissov 6th 1:35


Boys 10 and U 100Bk

Taiki Hiraoka 8th 1:48


Girls 11 and O 100 Back 

H Edwards (11) 3rd 1:14

H Lorette(11) 8th 1:16

L Crisp(14) 1st 1:07

A Pasemko(14) 4th 1:11

K Edwards(13) 8th 1:18

A Letkeman(15) 7th 1:12


Boys 11 and O 100 Bk

D Morrison(11) 2nd 1:19

D Damian(11) 7th 1:29

R Peace(Unatt)(13) 1st 1:07

B Gyorkos(13) 5th 1:20

N Howe(13) 7th 1:22


Girls 10 and U 50 Br

M Bunting 1st :44

K Lancaster 3rd :47

T Aragon Scriven 5th :49


Boys 10 and U 50 Br

Kaleb Lee 4th :53


Girls 11 and O 200 Br

H Edwards(11) 6th 3:11

E Kormendy(13) 1st 2:49

S Tarrant(13) 2nd 2:53

V Von Sakken Nash(14) 3rd 2:54

H Carter(17) 1st 2:44


Boys 11 and O 200Br

D Kormendy(10) 1st 2:58 New VIR and Club Record

D Damian(11) 4th 3:41

S Gill(13) 5th 3:21

J Sinclair(17) 1st 2:35

R Chou(17) 3rd 2:42


Girls 10 and U 100 Fly

T Hunt 1st 1:31


Girls 11 and O 100Fly

S Lorette(11) 3rd 1:12

K Scott(12) 4th 1:12

S Tarrant(13) 4th 1:10

A Macintosh(16) 8th 1:11


Boys 11 and O 100 Fly

K Ogilvie(11) 1st 1:14

M Schmidt(11) 2nd 1:14

J Howe(16) 5th 1:04


Girls 10 and U 200IM

J Stevens 3rd 3:21

K Lancaster 4th 3:25

M Bunting 7th 3:26


Girls 11 and O 200Fr

S Lorette(11) 4th 2:23

H Lorette(12) 5th 2:28

M Gowans(14) 1st 2:06

A Ballantyne(14) 2:12

S Tarrant(13) 2:18

E Kormendy(13) 2:18

Sawchuk(15) 2:17


11 and O Boys 200Fr

M Schmidt(11) 4th 2:27

D Kormendy(10) 5th New Club and VIR Record

K Ogilvie(11) 6th 2:34

D Morrison(11) 7th 2:42

A Guttierrez(11) 8th 2:49

T Lucas(Unatt) (14) 1st 2:07

R Peace(Unatt) (13) 5th 2:14

B Gyorkos(13) 7th 2:23


10 and U 200 Free Relay

Girls A 1st 2:24 (T Hunt, M Bunting, J Stevens, K Lancaster) New Club Record

Girls B 5th 2:34 (A Trudel, S Meldrum, T Aragon Scriven, S Borissov)


11 and O 200 Free Relay

11-12 Girls A 3rd 2:08(G MacDonald, H Lorette, S Lorette, K Scott

11-12 Girls B 6th 2:11 (H Edwards, J Maycock, A Tarrant, G Ballantyne)

13-14 Girls A 1st 1:55 (M Gowans, L Crisp, A Ballantyne, E Kormendy)

13-14 Girls B 4th 2:04 (V Von Sakken Nash,  L Lancaster, A Stebeck, A Pasemko

15+ Girls A 2nd 1:57 (A macintosh, K Aragon Scriven, A Letkeman, R Sawchuk)

11-12 Boys A 2nd 2:10(K Ogilivie, D Kormendy, D Morrison, A Gutierrez)

15+ Boys A 2nd 1:49 (N Beland, R Chou, J Howe, B Gyorkos)