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Tomoko Itami to Coach for Pacific Coast Swimming

Tomoko Itami will be staying in Canada this year and has graciously agreed to donate her time to Pacific Coast Swimming. She will be coaching the "D" group at Saanich Commonwealth Place as well as an Olympic Way Group.

Welcome to Pacific Coast Swimming Tomoko!!!


Coaches Resumes Now On-Line

Resumes for the Pacific Coast Swimming Coaching staff are now on line. Visit the Staff page and download resumes for Ron Jacks, Rod Barratt, Mark Lancaster, Peter Vizsolyi and Penny McCullough-Barratt. Click here to visit the staff page.


Tentative Training Schedule Now On-Line

The tentative training schedule for Pacific Coast Swimming is now on line. The schedule is subject to approval by the Review Board before it becomes official.


Pacific Coast Swimming Announces Fee's for Upcoming Season

The fee structure for the upcoming season has been posted on line.


New Direction for Swimming in Victoria

On July 11, 2002 Swim BC granted approval to Geller Sports for the formation of a new swimming club to begin operations in September. Pacific Coast Swimming will offer a professionally delivered model that has proven to be highly successful worldwide and is clearly the wave of the future in terms of delivering top notch professional coaching that produces results.


Pacific Coast Swimming to Start Up in Victoria

Victoria, BC will have a new high performance club starting in September. Pacific Coast Swimming has received affiliation from Swim BC to begin operations.

The new club's goal is to deliver high performance aquatics in the Greater Victoria Area.

As one of only a few professionally run clubs in the country, the Team of coaches involved in this new club feel they will be better able to address the needs of each and every swimmer through more efficient and effective use of resources.

The High Performance Staff include:



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