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2018 USA Open Water Nationals

Eric Hedlin and Jon McKay raced the 10km race at the USA Open Water Nationals this morning.  They both had good races, and placed 7th and 8th overall respectively, and placed 1st and 2nd Canadians overall.  This is a good improvement for Eric over recent results, and a great result for Jon, who has never raced in a big Open Water competition, and no Open Water races at all for 3 years.  The top 6 separated from Eric and Jon's group on the third of four laps.  Afterwards, Eric and Jon both separated from the chase group to try and bridge the gap but were ultimately unable to catch the frontrunners.  

The 5km race will run on Sunday, including these two as well as fello PCS swimmer and Vike Chris Deegan, who will be swimming for Australia.  A live feed will start at 8am PST Sunday Morning at