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2019 Age Group Championships in Chilliwack - Day 2

PCS continues to stick in the 5th position in overall points. Boys team score sitting in 3rd and our girls are in 7th. Sunday is the last day of the meet and has two sessions with a small break between.

Day 2 started off with a nice run of best times in the 100FR from almost the whole team. Top performers were Alonso Gutierrez and Nolan Crisp placing 4th and 6th in the 12 year old category in times of 59.38 and 59.79.  Alonso breaking the old club record with his efforts and followed up by Griffin Arnatt in the 13 year old boys swimming 5th place in 59.21.

Next up in the morning session was fifty-three heats of 200IM heats, which took a while. The 400FR was very good for the PCS swimmers with Kate Marcovitz placing 7th in the 11 year old girls, Alonso and Nolan racing neck and neck to 1st and 2nd in 4:32.18, and 4:32.56 both under the old club record. Griffin and Jasper Van Maren were also in the top 8 placing 3rd and 7th.

The afternoon session started off with the 200FR Relay and the girls 12 & U team of Bridget Rupert, Kate, Sidney Boone, Imogen Hawes placed 8th out of forty-two teams racing. The 13 & Under boys Griffin, Nolan, Alonso and Jasper placed 3rd out of twenty-nine teams.

Next up was the 200IM where Kate held her 7th position in a new best time of 2:42.43. Bridget also stuck in for 7th in the 12 years olds. Following up our string of 7th places was Alonso with Nolan coming in 8th, Griffin also finished 8th in the 13 year old division.

The 100BR saw Annika Rupert swim tough amongst forty-two 12 year old girls for a top 8 finish in 1:21.95.

Last event on Saturday was the girls 100FR.

Kate led us off with a bronze medal by .01 and a time of 1:04.85 for the 11 year olds. Bridget was up next and swam to what looked like a bronze as well but it was overturned with an apparent soft touch in one of the lanes beside her so she had to settle for 4th with a pretty speedy 1:01.70. There were seventy-two girls swimming the 12 year old 100FR.

PCS is still holding strong in 5th closely behind the host Chilliwack Spartans swim club.