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AAA Prov Champs

Records Fall... Point Score rises!

On Day Three of the Provincial Championships at Commonwealth Pool the swimming has been hotter than the weather. The True Blue are riding a wave of inspired swimming. For the first time in the 12 year history of Pacific Coast Swimming the team leads the point score going into the final day of competition on Sunday.

With over a 600 point advantage the team is poised to take its first Provincial title. Yet even such a historical set of circumstances cannot overshadow the the reason why it is happening. The PCS crew have been firing on all fronts from the 12 adn unders through the senior ranks and records have been falling.

The pride and excitment is obvious and the "family" environment of the team support for one another continues to fan the flames of success.

Congratulations to new full qualifiers for the upcoming Age Group Nationals(Winnipeg July 23-28): Allison Ballantyne, Reegan Peace(Un-BC) and Sophie Tarrant and to new Senior National Champ Qualifier: Lucas Tyler(Un-BC).

Records set so far in the competition:

Molly Gowans: Regional and club marks in 100, 200, 400 Fr an well as a club record in 200 Bk. The 200 and 400 Freestyle records were set 20 years ago almost to the day.

Michael Schmidt: 200 Br Club Record(surpassing his own record)

Jordan Andrusak: 200IM club Record(surpassing her own best)


Check the main page for more results. Stay tuned tomorrow for the final Day. C'mon out ot support your team!