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August 3rd Facilities Update


Hope you're enjoying good family time somewhere in our wonderful province. It has been a strange time that has presented unique opportunities and challenges! We will move past this.

As it stands right now some pools are partially open but space is limited. We have been working hard to get as many PCS swimmers and LF swimmers in the water. This continues to be a major challenge.

At SCP we began with the return to practices based on athletes current performance rankings. As such the international and national swimmers who are able to commit to attending during the July/August period were the first to return to the pool. We are currently limited to one swimmer per lane and 16 lanes, in the afternoons only, and only for one and a half hours Mon-Sat. While SCP has also opened to some very limited public access and some summer camps, we are a priority for the continued expansion of access and we are in constant contact with SCP. Oak Bay Rec has also opened in a limited fashion. We do not yet have access for our LFSS programs there. UVic sent us their reopening document last week. We do not yet have access but we continue to communicate with them to move toward getting PCS athletes back in the water there as well.

Our other facilities (PAN, ESQ, GH) are currently not open for team bookings. As well as pool swimming PCS athletes continue to swim at Thetis lake and to do safe, organized, enhanced dry land activities with their coaches. These activities are focused on improving team culture, fitness and building on return to swimming abilities.

We are looking ahead to our regular club traditions such as the BBQ and have some planning completed. We will be sending out detailed information shortly on how the activities will take place in a safe and respectful manner. Please stay safe and informed.

If you have any specific questions our staff will respond promptly.


The PCS Staff.