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Australian Open Water Nationals

We had three swimmers head over to Adelaide, Australia for the weekend to compete at the Australian Open Water Nationals.  Jon McKay, Eric Hedlin and Chris Deegan all competed in both the 10km race as well as the 5km Time Trial competition.

The 5km race was fairly successful for the PCS crew - Jon McKay took home the Silver Medal in a time of 54:50.90, Eric Hedlin ended up 4th 55:04.94, and Chris Deegan finished 13th in 59:28.47.  

The 10km race wasn't as successful as hoped - Chris Deegan ended up best of our crew at 11th place, Jon and Eric followed at 14th and 16th place respectively.  All swimmers were in the lead pack but weren't able to find their way to the front of it.

These three along with coach Ron Jacks will continue to compete at high level Open Water competitions throughout the year as they try and improve their racecraft heading into the big competitions in the summer.