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Count Down to Xmas Cracker is On: 4 Weeks Away!

The 14th Annual PCS Xmas Cracker Meet is just 4 weeks away!

The elves have been busy,
Checking lists twice,
But your name is not on them,
Neither naughty or nice!

So here's how to fix that,
As quick as you can.
Volunteer on the website,
Would be your best plan.

Volunteer early!
That would be right.
And you could see Tigh Na Mara,
For not one, but 2 nights!

There's also tickets for hockey,
If you win we'll supply,
But please check the Event details,
Some conditions apply!

Click the Volunteer Link,
And you can begin,
'Cause if you are not 2 weeks early,
No prizes you'll win!