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Wavemaker - (wāv-mā-kǝr) – noun

Catch the wave!

Wavemaker - (wāv-mā-kǝr) – noun
1) Someone or something that generates an area of moving water that is raised above the main surface of an ocean, a lake or pool.
2) An annual swim meet hosted by UVPCS, this year on April 24-26, where officials and volunteers wear tropical-themed clothing, athletes swim quickly and a good time is had by all.


Cracker Wrap Up

PCS Team Cheer Picture

After three days of competition Santa and the Grinch packed up for another year. It was one of the biggest and best yet. At 750 athletes and three pools the 12th PCS Xmas Cracker created a lot of cheer…and fast swimming.


Cracker 2014 Gets Under Way in Style

The 12th Annual PCS Xmas Cracker got under way this morning over 700 athlete traded challenges in the tirple ended affair to great success.

Teams from BC Alberta and the North-West US will compete all weekend. Meet records fell and competition was strong.


Tis the Night Before Cracker

Tis the night before Cracker,
And all through the pool,
Decorations are hanging,
It's looking real cool!

Swimmer's are tucked,
all snug in their beds,
While visions of PB's,
Dance in their heads!

The officials are checking,
All of the gear.
You know there is time,
to still volunteer!

So come to the Place,
That is Saanich's Common Wealth,
And race PCS's Xmas Cracker,
Yes, it's our twelfth!


Count Down to Xmas Cracker is On: 4 Weeks Away!

The 14th Annual PCS Xmas Cracker Meet is just 4 weeks away!

The elves have been busy,
Checking lists twice,
But your name is not on them,
Neither naughty or nice!

So here's how to fix that,
As quick as you can.
Volunteer on the website,
Would be your best plan.

Volunteer early!
That would be right.
And you could see Tigh Na Mara,
For not one, but 2 nights!


2014 Hyack Youth Festival - Day 3

Jessica and Sophie, Day 3, Hyack

Well Day 3 of the 2014 Hyack Youth Festival wrapped up on Sunday and PCS swimmers had a great day in the pool!


2014 Hyack Youth Festival - Day 2

Schmidt 1st in 200FL

Our second night of the Hyack meet started with the 200m Freestyle Relays where our 13-14 year old girls finished 6th.

Next up was Michael Schmidt who finished 1st in the Boys 11&U 200m Fly with a time of 2:55.48, dropping 4 seconds off his morning swim.

Then it was was Darius Morrison who finished 6th in the Boys 11&U 100m Backstroke with a new best time of 1:20.10.


2014 Hyack Youth Festival - Day 1

The swimmers competing at the Hyack Youth Festival had a successful first day. There are 452 swimmers in the meet.

The first morning session was very good to the Pacific Coast swimmers with all but four swims best times LC. 80% best times in the morning is very good practice in preparation for VIR, AAA, and Age Group nationals. These events require good morning swimming to make the finals.

The evening session started with 4x50 medley relay. Our one relay 13/14 girls placed 4th.


2014 UVPCS Wavemaker Meet is Less Than a Week Away!

Come catch the Wave!

Approximately 400 swimmers from around British Columbia will be coming to Saanich Commonwealth Place on the Apil 25-27, 2014 weekend to compete in UVPCS's annual Wavemaker swim meet.

If you have never been to Wavemaker before, this is a very fun meet with a tropical theme for both the pool decorations and the attire of the officials.


Cracker Report

Cracker 13 Complete! New Records!

Santa and all the Elves tapped together a very fine performance over the weekend. Months of work in the preparation phase go into the production of the annual Xmas Cracker competition. 100’s of hours are invested by many people to create the atmosphere in which over 700 incredible young people race each year. This culmination of enthusiasm skill and speed attracts athletes from all over Western Canada and the buzz in the pool makes for fast swimming



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