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Cracker 2014 Gets Under Way in Style

The 12th Annual PCS Xmas Cracker got under way this morning over 700 athlete traded challenges in the tirple ended affair to great success.

Teams from BC Alberta and the North-West US will compete all weekend. Meet records fell and competition was strong.

For host Pacific Coast it was a day of highlights. Molly Gowans stood out setting 15-17 Club records in 200 Fr, 50 Bk and 1500 Fr. She also took a strip off the Senior club record in the 200 Fr at 1:59.1 and set a new Vancouver Island regional record breaking Kate Brambleys best from 1995.

The first event was 50m FL:

12 and U Girls: Sophie Lorette 3rd, Kealey Scott 4th

13-14 Girls: Allison Ballantyne 4th

15 and O Girls Rachael Newman 2nd, Annie Macintosh 9th Molly Gowans 14th

12 and U Boys: Keir Ogilvie 1st, Dylan Kormendy 3rd, Nate Trong 10th, Daniel Damian 14th 

15 and O Boys: Lucas Tyler 5th, Craig Dagnall 6th, Buzz Mallender 9th, Seb Michaud 14th

200m FR:

12 and U Girls: Jessica Luo 1st, Sophie Lorette 5th

13-14 Girls: Lauren Crisp 1st, Allison Ballantyne 6th, Eden Kormendy 10th, Sophie Tarrant 12th, Kira Edwards 15th

15 and O Girls: Molly Gowans 1st, Rachel Sawchuk 10th

12 and U Boys: Michael Schimdt 5th, Dylan Kormendy 6th, Anthony Gutierrez 8th, Keir Ogilvie 9th, Darius Morrison 13th

15 and O Boys: Craig Dagnall 4th, Jon Mckay 5th, Brett Zollen 6th, Ryan Howe 7th, Buzz Mallender 8th, Lucas Tyler 11th, Bobby Harling 13th, Nick Beland 14th, Justin Howe 16th

50m BK

12 and U Girls: Hana Edwards 1st, Ava Tarrant 13th 

13-14 Girls: Lauren Crisp 1st, Hanna Lorette 3rd, Erin Jennings 16th

15 and O Girls: Taylor Snowden-Richardson 8th, Caroline Wallace 13th, Rachel Sawchuk 16th

12 and U Boys: Daniel Damian 16th

13-14 Boys Regan Peace 1st, Miyu Dobashi  8th

15 and O Boys: Seb Michaud 4th, Sam Belay 10th, Baylee Munro 12th

200m IM:

12 and U Girls: Jessica Luo 1st, Hana Edwards 8th, Kealey Scott 11th, Grace MacDonald 13th

13-14 Girls: Lauren Crisp 1st, Sophie Tarrant 4th, Allison Ballantyne 5th, Eden Kormendy 6th, Annika Kintzel 14th

15 and O Girls: Rosie Moulton 2nd, Sarah Galbraith 3rd, Haley Bennett 4th, Hanna Carter 9th, Sophie Borchers 15th

12 and U Boys: Dylan Kormendy 2nd, Michael Schmidt, 3rd, Darius Morrison 8th

13-14 Boys: Regan Peace 4th

15 and O Boys: Brett Zollen 4th, Ryan Howe 5th

50m BR:

12 and U Girls: Hana Edwards 5th, Kealey Scott 10th, Laura Rincon 11th

13-14 Girls: Emma Carter 4th, Annika Kintzel 5th, Victoria von Sakken Nash 8th, Eden Kormendy 8th

15 and O Girls: Jordan Stariha 2nd, Sarah Galbraith 3rd, Cristina Sherren 5th, Jennifer Short 6th, Hanna Carter 7th, Haley Bennett 8th, Alex Kierstead 13th, Allison Hampton 16th

12 and u Boys: Michael Schmidt 3rd, Daniel Damian 13th

13-14 Boys: Regan Peace 5th

15 and O Boys: Aidan Thirkell 3rd, Ian Williams 4th, Richard Bourgeios 5th, Baylee Munroe 7th, Nick Beland 8th

1500m FR:

12 and U girls: Sophie Lorette 1st, Tegan Hunt 12th

13-14 Girls: Kira Edwards 3rd, Hannah Lorette 7th

15 and O Girls: Molly Gowans 1st, Aurelie Muller 2nd, Vicky Mock 4th, Kaity Gervais 6th, Haley Bennett 11th

12 and U Boys: Dylan Kormendy 1st, Darius Morrison 7th

15 and O Boys: Jon Mckay 1st, Bobby Harling 3rd, Jusin Howe 5th, Stefan Nasedkin 6th, Jack Parker 13th

Full results are available on the menu to the right. Competition resumes tomorrow at 9:00am