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Covid-19 Update: March 15

Swimming Canada and Swim BC have sent out some big updates today about recent decisions made, upcoming competitions, and other information relating to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.  UVPCS will follow their lead as well as that of our local pool and city managers, in order to do our best to prioritize the safety of our swimmers and community moving forwards.

At this time, we are running practices and business as usual for now.  Coaches, Parents, and Swimmers are asked to please avoid coming to the pool when sick.

Olympic Trials, which were supposed to be running in Toronto at the end of the month, have been postponed indefinitely.  Western and Eastern Championships have been cancelled, and Swimming Canada has asked each Province to cancel all sanctioned competitions between March 16 and April 20 at this time.

Please see the following updates from both Swimming Canada and SwimBC for additional information.  We will do our best to keep everyone up to date as things change moving forwards, and feel free to contact the coaches if you have any questions.

Statement from Swimming Canada

Statement from SwimBC


Parents and Swimmers: We are sure all of you have many questions and concerns regarding COVID-19. You must have many questions in your personal lives as well as your “swimming life”. We are aware of the situation and we want the best for all of our athletes, families and staff. We also intend to do our best to reduce the spread of the virus.

We are following the federal, provincial and municipal guidelines. We are all facing many cancellations and changes. Currently there is no indication from federal, provincial, municipal authorities that swimming training needs to be cancelled in B.C. However, we will continue monitor the situation. We will communicate with all members if there is any training cancellations and or changes. 

We have been in close communication with both SCP and UVic’s administration.

For now we will proceed with training with the rules below:

1. Parents drop/pick up only. Small group training sessions only(less than 24). Instructions will be given in small group with coaches instructing athletes on space between athletes. 

2. Any athletes/staff who exhibit any signs of illness stay home. Please inform your “Go to coach” if you will be absent or are showing any signs of illness or test positive. 

3. There is soap for hand washing at UVic and SCP. Coaches will remind athletes to hand wash before and after training. If you wish you can send your child with soap in a personal container. 

4. Athletes are, as usual, asked not to share ANY liquids, foods, personal items (brushes, shampoos, hair bands etc.). Avoid touching your face. Use tissue and dispose of immediately. 

5. Athletes who do yoga are to bring their OWN mats or not use a mat. Please disinfect your mat etc. as always. Use a hand sanitizer or spray or soaped water to do so.

6. There will be no hi fives, hand shakes etc. use foot bumps in place of hand gestures. No shared equipment such as finz, paddles, snorkels, med balls, tubing, goggles, kick boards, etc. Your child MUST have his/her own equipment each day. 

7. Dry land at the pools will be conducted in personal spaces. No group or partner exercise.

SHOULD we experience pool closures we MAY go ahead with Outdoor dry land activities that ensure: 
- Space between athletes
- No shared equipment and a safe outdoor environment.  
- Meeting times places will be communicated.

Be safe and take care.


PCS staff