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COVID-19 Update: March 22

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone including the swimmers and families as our daily routines have changed so considerably.

As we have had to completely curtail from pool training, we are trying to keep as many of our great coaches on at least a partial salary as we can, while also trying to weather this challenge in a manner that keeps our PCS families safe.

Our actions so far have included:

1.       Elimination of all fees from the families of swimmers in the D-2, D-1, Stroke & Fitness, and Lightning Fast Swim Series programs.

2.       Having the C-Group and above coaches construct and send out home based  dry land programs that will allow the swimmers and families to safely be active, keep in shape, to stay in touch with the other swim families going through similar circumstances, and to be ready for swimming once we get back into the pool.   Additionally, we are looking at social media platforms on which we might be able to deliver these programs more directly.

Our plan is to ask that families in these programs pay 50% of their monthly fees, but we will be evaluating this service on an ongoing basis. The program is designed to assist your families as well as help the club and coaches to function over this upcoming period. A further goal will be to ensure that we have the best possible staff when are able to return to regular training.

3.       We would also ask that everyone pay their latest invoices as the PCS Accounts Receivable are currently quite high.  This is normal as travel costs are incurred and some bills are left for over 30 days, but is not sustainable in the current operating environment.

We would appreciate it if you paid any outstanding amounts as soon as possible either in your normal fashion, or by contacting Mark Lancaster  ( if you wish to pay via E-transfer. 

If your family is experiencing financial hardship (ie no pay cheques over this period) let Ian, Mark or myself know so that we can adjust those monthly fees.

We hope that you will do whatever you can, as will your Parents Association, to support the team as we manage this difficult situation.

Thank you for being a part of our big PCS family and stay safe,

Doreen Meldrum
President, PCSPA