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Cracker Report

Cracker 13 Complete! New Records!

Santa and all the Elves tapped together a very fine performance over the weekend. Months of work in the preparation phase go into the production of the annual Xmas Cracker competition. 100’s of hours are invested by many people to create the atmosphere in which over 700 incredible young people race each year. This culmination of enthusiasm skill and speed attracts athletes from all over Western Canada and the buzz in the pool makes for fast swimming

Many new records were set. From Canadian bests to Regional records and many individual club records for the 26 clubs in attendance. PCS swimmers enjoyed a great weekend setting 17 club records and 6 Regional Records. Highlights below:

New Club Records (former title held by)

Molly Gowans
100Fr 58.10 (Rosie Moulton ’11)
200 Fr 204.04 (Gowans ’13)

Vicky Mock
1500Fr 17:00.25 (Schmidt ’11) takes 28 sec off previous..

Michael Schmidt
50 Br 36.9 (Howe’08)
100Br 122.21 and 119.84 (Forghani ’03)
200Br 2:56.09 2:52.16 (Thirkell ’07)

Lauren Crisp
50 Bk 30.54 (Bakken ’07)
100Bk 1:03.26 (Bakken ’07)

Jordan Andrusak
100Br 1:12.65 (Borchers ’10)
200Br 2:37.01 and 2:34.38 (McMillan ’11)
200IM 2:20.26 and 2:18.90 (Bakken ’05)
400IM 4:51.92 (Andrusak ’13)

13-14 Girls
200MR 2:00.49 Crisp, Carter, Andrusak, Gowans (Schmidt, Borchers, Ding, Bol ’10)

Senior Men
200MR 1:45.30 Sinclair, Bourgeois, Mattock, Zollen (Partridge, Doerksen, Saganski, Flegel ’10)

VIR Records
Molly Gowans 200Fr (Pollard ISA ’03)
Vicky Mock 1500Fr (Padington ISA ’11)
Jordan Andrusak 100Br (Purdon VASC ’12), 200IM (Pollard ISA ’03), 400IM (Wilkinson ISA ’90)
13-14 Girls 200MR (ISA ’11)

New Senior National Standards
Jordan Andrusak 400IM
Vicky Mock 1500Fr and 800Fr

New Westerns Standards
Lauren Crisp 200Fr
Sophie Tarrant 100Br
Emma Carter 200Br
Rachel Sawchuk 100Fr/1500 Fr
Nick Beland 50 Fly/100Fr/200IM
Jackson Sinclair 200IM
Raymond Chou 100Br
Ian Williams 100/200Br
David Sikli 100/200Br
Justin Howe 400IM/800Fr

New Age Group National Standards
Anya Pasemko 100/200Bk
Rachel Sawchuk 50Fr/100Fr/200Fr/1500 Fr
Lauren Crisp 200Fr/400IM
Nick Beland 100Fr

New Provincial Championship Standards
Kennedy Aragon-Scriven 200Fly
Darius Morrison 100Br
Keir Ogilvie 100/200Fly