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Jon McKay and Chris Deegan's FINA 10km World Cup in Lac Megantic

Jon and Chris were again racing some of the best Open Water Swimmers in the World this past weekend, swimming the 10km World Cup at Lac Megantic in Quebec.  Both Jon and Chris are young and inexperienced in the sport when compared to many of the swimmers in these races, and every race is a huge learning opportunity for these guys.  At the 5km mark Jon decided to take the lead and push the pace a bit to try and make the field less comfortable, but proceeded to lead the pack for ~4km straight, waisting too much energy in the process and letting the other top guys draft off of him.  Jon staid in the fight at the front but didn't have the energy to finish at the same pace as the front finishers.  Jon would finish 13th overall, second Canadian to 10-time Megantic participent Xavier Desharnais, and 18.5 seconds pehind first place.

Chris struggled with the race, not feeling good in the race from start to finish, and dropped eventually dropped from the back of the front pack with ~1km to go in the race.  Chris would finish 16th overall, 1:43 back of the winner.