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Jon McKay finishes with two medals at Canada Games

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Jon McKay (UVPCS) wrapped up the Canada Games for Team BC with an impressive performance which yielded him two medals in the final 24 hours of the Games swimming competition.

McKay got Team BC off to a great start on the final night of finals at the University of Sherbrooke pool by handily winning the men's 1500 freestyle at the start of the session. While McKay went into the event seeded just fourth, he established a pace early on that left the other contenders struggling to keep up. By the time the leaders passed the halfway mark, McKay had opened a bit of a gap and then continued to extend it, eventually winning in a new personal best time and Games record of 15:40.35.

Just over 12 hours later, McKay was on the start line in Lac Magog for the start of the men's 5000m open water race. The rest of the field knew that McKay was the guy to beat and swam their race accordingly, not giving him much room to manouveur; the two Quebec open water specialists worked especially well together, squeezing out McKay as the race came around the last marker buoy and into the final 160m sprint to the finish.

At the end, with McKay finally finding a little bit of open water, he was closing quickly on the two Quebec front-runners, but ran out of water, but out-swam Oliver Strazsynski of Ontario to take the bronze medal.