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June 12 Letter from the PCSPA President

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Hello, and on behalf of the PCS Parent Association Board, I hope that everyone is staying safe
and doing well during these uncertain times.

As President of the PCSPA, I want to assure you that the board, along with the coaches, have
been virtually meeting regularly since March. It has been a steep learning curve for everyone
involved in trying to provide continuity during these times.

Firstly, and possibly the most important news, is that we have been able to retain all six senior
coaches who have been working with our swimmers virtually and maintaining contact via email.
For the most part, the swimmers have adapted as well as they can to this new form of training,
and some have supplemented the training with their own runs, hikes, bike rides, and swims at
local lakes. The coaches have been in contact with the Lightning Fast group with virtual
sessions two times a week by Zoom to do dry land training and to connect and engage with the

Next, I am pleased to report that the board and coaches are looking forward to September and
the start of a new season of swimming. Things will not be the same as in years past, but there
is a strong sense that there will be some form of swimming for the season in
some new format. The coaches are in contact with the governing bodies for swimming and are
providing updates on the changing rules and regulations surrounding swimming, including a
return to Saanich Commonwealth Pool. As well, based upon safe return to competition
protocols to be finalized and what the fall looks like or COVID cases.

With the self-isolation during these last few months and the resulting uncertainty in the
economy, please note that the board and coaches are aware that many families may be facing
financial concerns. Please note that parents have already paid their July fees with their
registration last September and if your child/children are not swimming in July, these fees can
be applied to September’s fees, to any amounts owing at this time, or as a credit. This could
also apply to August depending on when we return to the pool, so please contact Mark
Lancaster to discuss your current fee situation.

With swimmers not having been in the pool or training in-person with their coaches, the
coaches have decided that practices will continue for July and August. This is contingent upon
the pools being open and approval to return to training by the governing bodies. As soon as
we have the back to sport plans in place from Swim BC and the pools are once again open for
swimmers to begin training, we will communicate this information to you. Please check the
website for updates and look for an email from us letting you know when we will begin again.

I hope that this helps alleviate some of your concerns that you may have.


Doreen Meldrum