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PCS Does Well at NRST Fall Meet

D-Group at NRST

A fairly large contingent of PCS swimmers, coaches and parents braved the rainy weather to attend the NRST Fall SC Meet last weekend in Nanaimo.  Although this was one of the first meets of the year, many swimmers were setting personal bests.

Congratulations to all the swimmers and their coaches.  Below we have listed the Top 3 and Top 8 finishers in the individual events.  Full results sheets are posted on the PCS Results Page

Additional D-Group photos from this event have been posted on our PCS Facebook group site (PCS club members only) at

Top 3 Finishes:   
Andrusak, Jordan (13) 1st Girls 13-14 100m BR, 1st Girls 13-14 200m BR, 1st Girls 13-14 50m BR, 2nd Girls 13-14 200m IM, 3rd Girls 13-14 100m FL, 3rd Girls 13-14 200m FR
Carter, Emma (12) 2nd Girls 11-12 100m BR, 2nd Girls 11-12 50m BR, 3rd Girls 11-12 100m FL, 3rd Girls 11-12 200m BR, 3rd Girls 11-12 200m IM, 3rd Girls 11-12 50m FL, 3rd Girls 11-12 50m FR
Chaudhari, Achintya (14) 3rd Boys 13-14 100m BR, 3rd Boys 13-14 100m FL
Chou, Raymond (16) 2nd Boys 15&O 200m BR, 3rd Boys 15&O 50m BR
Letkeman, Anna (14) 3rd Girls 13-14 200m BK, 3rd Girls 13-14 50m BK
Morrison, Darius (10) 3rd Boys 10&U 100m BK, 3rd Boys 10&U 100m BR, 3rd Boys 10&U 100m FR, 3rd Boys 10&U 50m BK, 3rd Boys 10&U 50m BR, 3rd Boys 10&U 50m FR
Ogilvie, Keir (10) 2nd Boys 10&U 100m FR, 3rd Boys 10&U 50m FL
Pasemko, Anya (12) 2nd Girls 11-12 50m BK
Schmidt, Michael  (10) 1st Boys 10&U 100m BK, 1st Boys 10&U 50m BK, 1st Boys 10&U 50m FL, 1st Boys 10&U 50m FR
Simpas, Jade (19) 1st Boys 15&O 200m BR, 2nd Boys 15&O 100m BR, 2nd Boys 15&O 50m BR, 3rd Boys 15&O 200m IM

Top 8 Finishes:
Andrusak, Jordan (13) 4th Girls 13-14 100m FR, 4th Girls 13-14 400m FR
Aragon-Scriven, Kennedy (14) 5th Girls 13-14 50m FL, 6th Girls 13-14 50m BK, 8th Girls 13-14 100m FL
Chaudhari, Achintya (14) 6th Boys 13-14 200m IM
Chou, Raymond (16) 4th Boys 15&O 100m FR, 4th Boys 15&O 50m FL
Gyorkos, Benjamin (11) 5th Boys 11-12 50m BR, 5th Boys 11-12 50m FR, 7th Boys 11-12 50m BK, 8th Boys 11-12 100m FR, 8th Boys 11-12 200m FR
Hiebert, David (13) 5th Boys 13-14 100m FL, 6th Boys 13-14 50m FR
Horwood, Patricia (13) 5th Girls 13-14 200m BK
Jennings, Erin (12) 7th Girls 11-12 200m BK
Letkeman, Anna (14) 7th Girls 13-14 100m BK, 7th Girls 13-14 50m FL
MacDonald, Grace (10) 6th Girls 10&U 50m BK, 6th Girls 10&U 50m FL, 6th Girls 10&U 50m FR, 8th Girls 10&U 100m FR
Maslova, Layma (15) 6th Girls 15&O 100m BR, 6th Girls 15&O 50m BR
Morrison, Darius (10) 4th Boys 10&U 100m IM, 4th Boys 10&U 50m FL
Ogilvie, Keir (10) 4th Boys 10&U 100m BK, 4th Boys 10&U 50m BK, 4th Boys 10&U 50m FR, 5th Boys 15&O 400m FR, 8th Boys 15&O 200m FR
Pasemko, Anya (12) 4th Girls 11-12 100m BK, 4th Girls 11-12 200m BK, 8th Girls 11-12 50m FL
Sawchuk, Rachel (14) 4th Girls 13-14 200m BK, 5th Girls 13-14 50m FR, 8th Girls 13-14 100m FR
Schmidt, Michael (10) 4th Boys 15&O 400m FR, 8th Boys 15&O 100m BR, 8th Boys 15&O 200m IM
Simpas, Jade (19) 4th Boys 15&O 50m FR, 5th Boys 15&O 200m FR, 5th Boys 15&O 50m FL, 7th Boys 15&O 100m FR
Tarrant, Ava (10) 5th Girls 10&U 50m BK, 6th Girls 10&U 100m BK, 8th Girls 10&U 50m BR, 8th Girls 10&U 50m FR
Tesch, Riley (14) 8th Girls 13-14 200m BK
Zammit, Tabitha (14) 6th Girls 13-14 50m BR