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PCS In The News: Teagan Hunt and Naeva Scott-Bouris Win Race Up Mount Douglas

Greater Victoria high school cross-country manages to pull off a season

PCS swimmer Teagan Hunt won Lambrick Park Secondary's 26th King and Queen of the Hill race up Mount Douglas. With all other fall high school sports shut down, organizers squeezed out a semblance of a Greater Victoria cross-country season with a little ingenuity. Using a cycling-style time-trial method, runners were clocked running individually. Schools ran the Cedar Hill Golf Course chip trail on different days over two weeks with the times posted online.

“It was tough for the runners without anyone pushing them, but at least we got it done,” said Tom Turnbull, teacher and track and field coach of Lambrick Park Secondary.

“It was better than doing nothing.”

PCS swimmer Naeva Scott-Bouris of Reynolds (14:38) won the senior girls’ championship. Lambrick Park Secondary conducted its 26th annual King and Queen of the Hill run up to the summit of Mount Douglas. Grade 12 student Teagan Hunt won the girls’ championship, for the third time in four years, in 9:02.

See the full article in Times Colonist HERE. Congrats Teagan and Naeva on your fantastic races!


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