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Masters Swimmers - Calling all early birds!

We have Masters group (18+) availability at Crystal Pool on Tuesday / Thursday mornings, 6:15- 7:30am. Come join us for a morning swim to start your day! All levels and skill abilities welcome. To register, click here


3rd day with 3 new records at U-Sports

The last and final day of 2022 U-Sport Championships proved sucessful for the Vikes Swimmers with 3 additional school records, to total of 12 new Vikes records set this competition and one bronze medal for Sophie Tarrant in 200m breaststroke. The Vikes finished the morning prelims with three bids to the A Finals, four to the B Finals, and two to the C Finals on the final day of racing. 

Story from: Vikes Nation. Click here to read more. 


U-Sports Day 2 with 4 new Vikes records

Day 2 of 3 at U-Sport Championships we had four new vikes record set by Sophie Tarrant (200m breastroke), Jacob Rambo (100m backstroke), & A. Stull, R. Millns, J. Rambo, and W. Risk (Men's 4x200m freestyle relay).

Story from: Vikes Nation. Click here to read more.


U-Sport Championships Day 1: Go Vikes Go!

Our affiliated Uvic-Vikes swim team are tearing it up in Quebec at 2022 U-Sport Swimming Championships! 5 of the Vikes swimmers set new Vikes Records already on day 1. A total of 16 Vikes earned swims in the finals, with one A Final, seven B Final, and eight C Final bids secured after the prelims.

Story from: Vikes Nation. Click here to read more. Want to stay up to date? Check out the Vikes's swimming Instagram @vikesswimming. 


2022 Canadian Trials Volunteer Positions and Times



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